Frequently asked questions

Where do I go to take part in the Coronathon?

The Coronathon does not invovle a mass gathering of competitors. Do your personal Coronathon challenge wherever you please - in your home or outside your home but taking into account Social Distancing measures at this time.

How old do I have to be to take part?

There is no age limit and you can take part as soon as you can walk!

Is there a minimum distance I have to complete?

No - just complete any distance that seems like a challenge to you.

If I am in a different time zone to UK what time does it start and finish?

It starts at 6:00 am your time on July 25th and ends at 6 pm your time on July 26th, wherever you are in the world.

Can we use e-bikes?


Can we do a relay?

Definitely, that sounds like a lot of fun, mix and match your sports if you wish.

How do we register a relay?

Just register each participants leg of the relay and add the team name. Exactly as a team should register.

Why did you chose to support Oxford University Coronavirus Research, they already have so much funding?

The high level of funding that has been pledged to Oxford University's Research Team publicly is for specific projects such as the vaccine and testing programmes. However there are multiple other projects going on within the same department which requiire their own funding, much of which is sourced through philanthropic routes. The more funds the Medical Sciences Division has, the more flexible they can be in their approach to research into the Coronavirus.

Do we have to send in proof of finish?

No, but we hope to set up a page on the website where you can upload finishing photos and tell us about your Coronathon Challenge.

When do we see the final results of how much we have raised?

On Virgin Money Giving you can see the amount raised at any given moment. Fund raising can continue after 26th July as well!

Do we get a Finisher T-shirt?

We are working on this, it looks like there will be an organic Coronathon T-shirt available for purchase. Once it is up and running we will add it to the website and FB.

Where do I call if I have system problems?

Send us an email on info@coronathon.co.uk

How do we feel part of the Coronathon community?

We really want to build a community despite there being no physical event so please follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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