" All proceeds from the Coronathon will be used to fast-track the development of world-class research to understand and develop tools to treat COVID-19 at the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division"

Helen Cox, Project Officer, Medical Sciences Division, Oxford University



Despite much publicity surrounding Astra Zeneca and the government's generous funding of the Oxford Coronavirus Research Project, this covers only part of the amazing work being undertaken by the 150 + scientists and their colleagues from over 40 different countries working in the labs at Oxford University. They have been working around the clock researching the  Coronavirus and how to treat it.  Their research is relied on by politicians, medical professionals and organisations all over the world, who are taking decisions and implementing policies to  contain the virus.  

Current examples of their work include:


  • Effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy on maternal, fetal and newborn outcomes 

  • Modelling SARS-CoV-2 in human epithelial barriers to understand viral spreading and host innate immunity.

  • COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial (start-up)

  • Detection of neutralising antibodies to SARS-CoV-2

  • Defining Protective Cellular Immune Responses to COVID-19

  • Predicting admissions, need for intensive care, and poor outcomes amongst covid19 infectees in the UK.

  • Making Impossible Conversations Possible During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

  • COVID-19 Parenting: Global Child Abuse Prevention Response

  • Real-time population mapping to assess the impact of travel restrictions and social distancing on COVID-19 spread

  • Review of the clinical and cost effectiveness of use of hydroxychloroquine

  • Fact-checking Covid-19 mortality data

  • Supporting Hospital and Paramedic Employees (SHAPE) during COVID:  A scalable evidence-based intervention with a screen and treat approach

  • Prediction of respiratory failure in COVID-19 infection and understanding pathophysiological mechanisms​​


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" Flexible, fast-response funding  supports the University of Oxford’s Covid-19 research. All money raised enables researchers to move rapidly and accelerate this time-critical development for the benefit of the world."   

Helen Cox, Project Officer, Medical Sciences Division, Oxford University

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